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Grass Valley ROBUSKEY for Video - Plugin for EDIUS 8
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Grass Valley ROBUSKEY For Video - Plugin For EDIUS 8

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Third Party Plug-ins for EDIUS Software
Even an NLE as comprehensive as EDIUS? can't do everything. Luckily, third-party software developers are ready to give EDIUS additional functionality. They can create software plug-ins for additional video filters and effects, or for titling, compositing and keying, or for audio sweetening and restoration.
ROBUSKEY uses a chromakey algorithm developed by ISP that is specifically matched to people's hair characteristics and skin tone.
With ROBUSKEY you can create matte images that are perfect for natural_looking image synthesis, saving time and trouble.
ROBUSKEY for Video
is plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Grass Valley EDIUS. The plug-in was created in response to requests from creative professionals for a tool that would make it easier to cut out a background and create more visually appealing composites. Matting is possible even if the video is shot under non-ideal conditions, such as weak lighting, wrinkles or shadows on the background, or too small of a background. Matting work and time are cut considerably. The plug-in can be used not only when editing the video but also when actually shooting it.
High-Precision Chroma Keying Optimized for Human Subjects
High-precision mattes can be created simply by selecting the main subject in the scene with one click. The software accurately identifies human skin and hair and even beautifully cuts out translucent materials like lace and glass.
Supports high-definition video over 4K. Available for professional use, such as movies and CM films.

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